STEM in the News

Looking for some good reasons to get involved in FIRST (beyond the fun, excitement, personal enrichment, enduring learning and scholarships)?  Check out these two recent reports on the importance of STEM education…

According to a recent College Board article that looked at the lives of students one year after high school graduation, nearly 90% of the survey group said they believe college is essential, and most said they wished they’d taken more math, science, and writing-intensive course work in high school.  You can check out the full report at One Year Out (PDF).

And Dr. Alicia Abella,  one of the country’s top Latina scientists and recently appointed to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics comments on a a recent Pew Research Center Report (Wealth Gaps Rise to Record Highs Between Whites, Blacks and Hispanics), that Latinos and other minorities offer a rich pool of talent in STEM fields.

“The highest growing number of jobs is in the technology field, ” she said. “and there is more demand for those jobs than there is supply. We’re going to need 800,000 more jobs by 2018 in computer technology alone. In the last three years we’ve only graduated 24,000 in those sectors and that’s not nearly enough. It would be preferable to grow [those workers] here, and we have the pool to train and nurture them here. We’re just not doing it.”

FIRST offers some really exciting, enduring ways to do it! Check out our Florida programs and see what’s going on in your area!




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