September 14 is A World of FIRST Day!!

The first World of FIRST Day is September 14th, 2011 and we’re going BIG!

  • Who: Everyone involved in any way with FIRST Robotics
  • What: Wear your FIRST-related shirts whenever you can this day! If you can’t fit it in, try to wear a hat/pin/etc.
  • When: September 14th every year (for 2011 it’s a Wednesday)
  • Where: All around the world!
  • Why: Well, multiple reasons… mainly to spread FIRST around and get strangers to the program asking questions, but also to unite the world of FIRST participants together for a day – maybe a way of putting it is we all love competition and seeing our other FIRSTies all day so this is just another day to have fun and do that on a huge scale.

No matter how you’re involved with FIRST, wear a FIRST shirt at some point on September 14th, so we can take the world by storm. FIRST logos should be everywhere… let’s make it so that people who aren’t involved with FIRST ask questions after seeing the logo and name all day. Spread the word! Invite everyone you know from FIRST! This is in September in the middle of the week because everyone’s back in school to show off their colors! Have work? Wear it before/after! Or just wear it to bed to still get in the spirit of it.

If you have Facebook, you can get the details, sign up as “Attending” for this year’s event, and help a lot by spreading the word to get even more people to join in! Here’s the link:

INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW IN FIRST! FRC, FTC, FLL, Jr. FLL, volunteers, staff, sponsors who might have a shirt, everyone! Share this on all your social media sites and let’s get this thing going!

Make the first World of FIRST Day ROCK!


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