Free Robotics Competition Training from Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

The Robotics Academy is pleased to offer free training using materials that have been used to teach over one million new robot programmers.  Our training begins today. We are using components that have been designed for our newly emerging Computer Science Student Network.

The training will be offered using a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows students to log in 24/7 (whenever they want) to learn to program robots. The LMS will be supported using Robotics Academy software, an instructor, and a monitored forum where students will be able to ask questions and find answers. Training will be available for the following platforms:

NXT Programming for FLL Teams

This course is designed to support FIRST LEGO League teams using select materials from the NXT Video Trainer 2.0. It is optimized to cover the most commonly-used FLL board behaviors as quickly as possible.

Course requirements:
Broadband internet connection, LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT set (9797, 8724, or 8754), and a copy of the NXT Programming Software (NXT-G) installed on your computer.  Select the link below to preview what will be covered in the course.

Click here to enroll in the FLL Course >>>

ROBOTC Programming for FTC Teams

This course is designed to support new and existing FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)
. This course will cover how to program your TETRIX robot and will also highlight the new features found in ROBOTC 3.0 such as the Samantha Wireless System and 3rd party sensors.

Course requirements:
An Internet connection, access to an NXT/TETRIX robot, and the ROBOTC for Mindstorms Programming Language installed on your computer. Note: if you are taking the course from home and don’t have a robot with you, you will be able to complete parts of the course using the new Robot Virtual World software. Select the link below to preview what will be covered in the course.

Click here to enroll in the FTC Training Course >>>
Thank you,
The Robotics Academy

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