Lights On Afterschool!

Here’s a great opportunity for your FIRST team to shine! Consider being part of the Lights On Afterschool event!


Lights On Afterschool is one week from today–Thursday, Oct. 20–which means there’s still time to register your event and join us for the nation’s celebration of afterschool programs!

An event can be simple: invite parents for a family game night, have kids make light bulb art, or invite community members to take part in afterschool activities. Join forces with neighboring programs to make organizing your event even more manageable. The YMCA of Central Maryland did just that, and credits their event with building stronger relationships with her local officials. Read more about how they did it..

Already planning an event? Registering your event online is the only way to be counted among the thousands of Lights On Afterschool events nationwide. We’ll also share your event information with the media.

Register by Wednesday, Oct. 19, and you could win 100 books of your choice from Scholastic Afterschool Learning. Then, help Scholastic Afterschool Learning serve you better by completing this short survey about your needs.

We need your help to beat our record of 7,500+ celebrations nationwide calling attention to the importance of afterschool programs to keep our kids safe, inspire them to learn and help working families. Our free event planning kit provides all the tools and resources you need to pull your event together.

Email with your Lights On Afterschool plans or with any questions.

All the best,
The Afterschool Alliance

P.S.: Whether or not you’re holding an event, join us on Facebook for our VIRTUAL Lights On Afterschool rally! RSVP to join one million Americans in calling attention to the need to help keep the lights on afterschool–no planning or travelling necessary!.

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