Learning Gives Back to FIRST at Elliott Masie’s Learning 2011!

The MASIE  Center presented FIRST founder, Dean Kamen, and FIRST president Jon Dudas with  a Learning Gives Back Grant for $25,000 , and named FIRST Vice chairman  John Abele the 2011 receipient of the Lifetime Learning Leadership Award, at Elliott Masie’s Learning 2011 conference in Orlando this week.

Three Florida FIRST teams were on hand to meet with all these great luminaries, and for Learning 2011 conference attendees to meet a few of the great young minds behind our great STEM program.  Students from FLL Team Party Boss of Orlando; FTC Team Duct Tape from Odessa,  and FRC Team Exploding Bacon, from Orlando enjoyed some one on one with Dean Kamen, on stage time together with Dean Kamen, Jon Dudas, and Elliott Masie, and the opportunity to share FIRST with event goers.

It was a great time all the way around, and a terrific opportunity to bring FIRST to more people, at an exciting and innovative learning conference.


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