FRC Update: Admin section of 2012 FRC Manual Live, Student Awards & Mentor Awards Submissions Live!

Check out Bill’s Blog to see what else is going on.  54 days till Kick-off – and lots to do between now and then!

2012 FRC Administrative Manual: The 2012 FRC Administrative Manual has been released:

FIRST Scholarship News – November Update:  Scholarship Opportunities valued at nearly $14 million:   Find out more about the scholarship opportunities for 2012 and about recently confirmed and recently modified FIRST Scholarships.   Also read messages from some of our FIRST Scholarship Providers. See

Award Submissions Open TodaySubmissions for the Dean’s List, Chairman’s, Woodie Flowers and Website Awards opened today, November 10th at noon EST. Student team members must submit award entries for the Chairman’s, Woodie Flowers and Website Awards in STIMS:, while team mentors may select students to nominate for the Dean’s List Award in TIMS:

Please visit the FRC season calendar for more important dates and deadlines:

New Safety Ambassador Program: UL has introduced a new Safety Ambassador Program for the 2012 season. You may find information on the program available on our Safety page:

Have you registered for your Local Kickoff in TIMS yet?

 “Kit and Kickoff Preferences” in TIMS is where you indicate how your team wants to pickup/receive the Kit of Parts (KoP) and where/if your team plans to attend a local Kickoff.  Please log in to TIMS, and note the following before you making your selections:

  1. Picking up your KoP at a Kickoff will save your team shipping costs and prevent delays;
  2. If your team can’t attend a Kickoff, but knows a nearby team that can, you can ask that team to act as your Surrogate and pick up your KoP for you (description below);
  3. If your team chooses not to attend any Kickoff and does not opt for the Surrogate Kit Pickup option, the KoP will be shipped to your Shipping Contact and your team will be responsible for the shipping costs.* Teams that choose to have their KoP shipped can expect to receive it sometime during the week after Kickoff.  International teams should be aware your delivery will depend on customs clearance;
  4. Your team may attend more than one Kickoff.  For example, you can send members to the Kickoff in Manchester, NH, at the same time that other members of your team attend a Local Kickoff in your area.  However, you must indicate only one kickoff for kit pickup.
  5. All Kit Shipping information must be accurate by the December 2nd deadline as the packing and palletizing process for shipment will begin the week after the deadline. Once Kits are palletized,FIRST cannot accept any changes to your shipping selections.

• If your team chooses to fly members to the Manchester Kickoff, they will not be able to take the KoP back on the plane. We recommend that you send other adult team members to a Local Kickoff to collect the KoP (this is the Surrogate Kit Pickup option that is outlined below), or select “Ship my kit to my team shipping contact’s address. I agree to pay the shipping fee”* within the “Kit Pick up/Delivery” section in TIMS for your KoP shipment.

If you have chosen–Ship my kit to my team shipping contact’s address. I agree to pay the shipping fee–please make sure:
• You have a valid FedEx or UPS shipping account number in TIMS. If this number is not entered or is inaccurate, your KoP cannot be shipped!
• Your Shipping Contact’s primary shipping address is accurate in TIMS – this is where the KoP will be shipped.
• Most teams can expect to receive their KoP starting the week after Kickoff. However, if you are an international team your delivery will depend on customs clearance.

Surrogate Kit Pickup Option

If a team is unable to pick up its KoP at the Local Kickoff selected, an alternate, or “Surrogate” team may be designated to do so. The team unable to attend kickoff must still register for the kickoff and must provide FIRST with an authorized Surrogate Kit Pickup letter, signed by the main or alternate contact, on school or sponsor letterhead that follows this template:

All Surrogate Kit Pickup letters must be received at FIRST no later than 5:00 pm EST on January 3rd, 2012.

The surrogate letter should be sent or faxed to:
attn: FRC Team Support/Operations
200 Bedford Street
Manchester, NH 03101
Fax #: 603-666-3907

Or scanned and emailed to

Go Teams!


FRC Team Support


FIRST® is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization

V 603-666-3906

F 603-666-3907



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