FTC Email Blast for 11/11/11: Forum question downloads, Revised Game Manual, E-Watt Lightbulbs & More!

E-blast contents:

1.    Forum Questions Answered Downloads available

2.    Revised Game Manual

3.    It’s not too late to register!

4.    Pre-order 2nd Generation e-watt light bulbs

5.    ‘Like’ Drive

6.    RSS feed!

1.    The FTC Forum Questions Answered document is now available in Nook, Kindle and PDF format!  Find them on the FTC Game Page.

The FTC Forum Questions Answered document is a quick reference guide, for tournaments, with all of the questions asked of and answered by the game committee.  We recommend all teams have a copy of this document available at their tournaments.

The FTC Forum Questions Answered download is updated each Thursday.

2.    The latest Game Manual Revision is now available on the FTC Game Page.

Changes are highlighted on the revision history table in the front of the document.

3.      It’s not too late to register!  Log-in to TIMS and complete your registration today!

4.      Don’t forget to pre-order your 2nd Generation e-watt saver bulbs for your fundraising efforts!

5.      Help us get to 1,000 fans!  ‘Like’ us on Facebook

6.    Subscribe to our RSS feed to get this e-blast and other important FTC updates delivered in HTML (prettified) format

Have a great FTC week!

~Ken, JoAnn, Nancy, Mary, Lorrie and Timm

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