FRC Teams – Important Dates!

From Bill’s Blog:

A lot of important deadlines are coming up.

  • Dec 1st – Initial, 2nd and Unrestricted Regional Event registration, 1st & 2nd Qualifying Event registration, and Championship Registration closes.  We have 2260 registered FRC teams as of this morning and spaces at some events is getting tight.  If you know of a team that plans to join us this coming season, encourage them to register soon.
  • Dec 2nd – Initial Regional and 1st & 2nd Qualifying Event registration payment due.
  • Dec 2nd –Kickoff Registration closes. (Manchester workshop registration remains open until 12/16.)  I’m surprised that 224 teams have not yet indicated in TIMS how they want to receive their kit of parts.  Kickoffs are filling up.  Register soon.
  • Dec 2nd Request for Bag & Tag Exemption due.(Remember , Bag & Tag means you transport your robot to the event yourself.)  Details can be found in the Robot Transportation section of the 2012 Administrative Manual
  • Dec 3rd Surrogate kit pickup paperwork due. Details are located on the bottom of the 2012 Local Kickoff Information page.
  • Dec 8th –  Contest Announcement is located on the Safety Pag

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