Jr.FLL-Brain Buster, High Energy, Challenge Name & More!

 àBrain Buster
When did the Junior FIRST® LEGO® League start?
Junior FIRST LEGO League became an official program in 2007.
àHigh Energy
Sometimes it’s hard to get a team of 6-9 year olds to reign in all that energy they have and focus on the project at hand.  Make sure you allot some time at every meeting for a team building activity.  This accomplishes two purposes, it helps them to grow as a team, but it also helps them to get out some of the energy that they have.   There are many different team building exercises out there, here’s one of our favorites:
How to play Ball Toss:
Stand in a circle.  Toss a ball to a person in the circle saying that person’s name.  The person receiving the ball then tosses it to someone else saying that person’s name.  This goes on until everyone has gotten the ball.  When done tell them you would like to pose a challenge to them about how fast they can get the ball to everyone.  Ask them if they can do this in under a minute.  Then try.  They will drop the ball and be giddy but they are having fun.  Bring them together and ask them what worked and what didn’t.  Ask them what they should do differently next time.  Try it again and time them.  If they succeeded ask them if they would like to go for 30 seconds or less.  Once they get that down you can now add in a second object without warning them.  This represents distractions that may happen as they try to work on their Challenge and that they need to focus on what they are doing in order to be successful.
à2012 Challenge Name Announced!
And the 2012 theme will be… Drum Roll Please… SUPER SENIORSSM!   Check out the new logo and teaser.
àWoo Hoo for Webstore!
The webstore is finally here, check it out!  We’ve got t-shirts, hoodies, baby blankets and more.  With more items coming soon, if you don’t see anything you like now, check back often!
àMarketing Tips
We’ve gotten many questions lately about the use of logos.  All of the FIRSTlogos including those for this year’s theme can be found on our website.  You are welcome to use any of these Logos when creating your team t-shirts, bags, or anything involved with your team or event.  We cannot however approve the use of the LEGO logo. 
à What’s up with FLL?
FLL® (FIRST® LEGO® League) is the next step after Jr.FLL and they have a lot of cool stuff going on.  Qualifying events have started and teams are moving on to compete in their Championships.  If you’re looking for a good field trip for your group, find out what FLL events are in your area. At the same time they are working on their projects and (hopefully) starting to think about this year’s Global Innovation Award (GIA).  What’s GIA you ask?  Check out this short video on last year’s inaugural season.
Also, the National Center for Food Protection and Defense has created a page on their site specifically for FLL® teams, http://www.ncfpd.umn.edu/index.cfm/food-factor/. They will be posting podcasts and blog entries on food safety related topics. Check it out!
As always, if you have any questions at all drop us a note atjrfllteams@usfirst.org.
àHelpful Links
Phone # 1-800-871-8326 x 0
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