FRC Team Krunch Shares FIRST Fun at Local Elementary School

FRC Team #79 Krunch held a FIRST outreach and demo program at Safety Harbor Elementary School this past weekend.

Team leader Hala Essenmacher reported, “The event was lots of fun and a big success. We had so many kids and parents there and I could tell that they were all really excited. We brought our robot, 12, from the 2009 game, Lunacy. Students got to roll the balls at the robot which would drive around and pick them up.

“We also brought our tee shirt shooting robot that we use at all of our home football games. We shot Krunch and Safety Harbor tee shirts off into the crowd every so often.

“Also we had an information booth where we had some fliers for FIRST and Krunch 79 where we answered people’s questions and told them about FIRST. Once the crowd started to die down we let some of the kids drive the robot a little, with safety glasses of course. One boy was even dressed as an astronaut. Everyone had a great time. ”

Way to go, Team Krunch!  Thanks so much for sharing your story and the great photos!

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