Jr.FLL Update:World Festival Expo, Brain Buster, Base Set, Impact, Twitter

2012 Jr.FLL® World Festival Expo

The 2012 Jr.FLL World Festival Expo is taking place April 27, 2012 in St. Louis!  This year is going to be a fantastic full day event.  Is your team interested in attending? All teams are invited to submit anapplication!  If you are interested, the deadline for applications is Feb 24, 2012.  **Invitees are chosen from applicants via lottery.

Brain Buster


What does FIRST® stand for?

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

Base Set Blues

The Base Set and all its elements can seem very overwhelming, especially if you have never built anything out of LEGO® elements that has a motorized part. Don’t worry! Don’t fret! Help is here!Check out this video on building a motorized car. Our Coach Resources page gives tons of info on what to do with LEGO elements and simple machines. Also, your base set includes the LSP Special Activities & Jr.FLL Guide that gives instructions on building both a motorized car and chair swing.

**For those that purchased the Base Set in a previous year or are not planning on purchasing a Base Set you can purchase the LSP 8 Pack & LSP Special Activities & Jr.FLL Guide separately from LEGO Education using the links found in the Team Information Management System where you registered your team. If you would like to purchase a Base Set it can be found using the links as well. Remember, you can only order 1 Base Set per registered team.



What is the greatest impact Jr.FLL has had on your team? Hit “Reply” and let us know!



Would you like Jr.FLL to have a Twitter feed? Please let us know by taking our poll! We’d like to know your opinion.


As always, if you have any questions at all drop us a note at jrfllteams@usfirst.org.

Helpful Links

Links – YouTube Jr.FLL Marketing Tools TeamUP! Forums

Email – jrfllteams@usfirst.org

Phone # 1-800-871-8326 x 0


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