FLL Update: Engineering Update/ Team Size & Event Participation, GeekMom Podcast ,Field Setup Kit Packaging & More!

–>From the FLL(R) Engineering Department

Game Design Division, 1st floor, (okay – it’s Scott’s desk)…  As of last week, the SENIOR SOLUTIONS(SM) Robot Game is finalized and the 2013 design is in full swing!

 –>Team Size & Event Participation

Friendly reminders…

ALL TEAMS – Teams may include up to ten (10) children.  This means that only ten (10) children may work on the robot or Project, and only those same ten (10) children may attend an official FLL event.

US/CAN TEAMS – Teams must pay their national registration fee before they will be allowed to register for or participate in official FLL tournaments.

 –>GeekMom – Podcast on FLL Global Innovation Award

Listen to the awesome podcast from Wired.com’s GeekMom Blog, http://www.wired.com/geekmom/2012/07/podcast-first-lego/ . Spreading the message of FIRST and the FLL Global Innovation Award!
Psst! The team is moving on to FTC!

 –> Who are you calling Junior?!

Jr.FLL is seeing incredible growth and we are not just talking about how many teams and in how many countries. Jr.FLL is going to be unveiling a brand new online Expo – a virtual event, gallery, and community all rolled into one. With all the added benefits registration fees for SUPER SENIORS(SM) will be set at $50. Teams will still be able to benefit from discounted Jr.FLL Base Kits and now, they will have a place to show off their models, talk about their research and interact with other registered teams around the world. Jr.FLL is a great mentoring opportunity for your FLL team.  Not only can you help open their eyes to the world of STEM but you can encourage them to go on to FLL in future seasons!  SUPER SENIORS registration opens August 1, 2012.

–> Field Setup Kit Packaging

Starting with the SENIOR SOLUTIONS season, the Field Setup Kits are being packaged in a single square box. This packaging is different from past years which had either a single long box or multiple boxes.  The SENIOR SOLUTIONS mat is folded and placed in the square box along with the mission model elements and dual lock.

–> Room for One More?

Trying to start a new FLL®/Jr.FLL® team? Or looking for more team members? Try FIRST TeamUp, https://my.usfirst.org/FIRSTPortal/login/fc_login.aspx?s=fc .  TeamUp is a community-driven system that allows parents, coaches, and mentors to connect with one another to form teams.
Pssst! Room for one more on your team? Please help us make sure every kid has the opportunity to benefit from FLL. Sign up today!


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