Become Part of the FRC Virtual Orchestra!

Joon Park, a member of Team 639, Code Red Robotics, from Ithaca, NY, is a high school senior with an ambitious project to which he’s inviting  the entire FRC community: the FRC Virtual Orchestra .

A virtual orchestra, the website explains,  is “essentially a compilation of synchronized individual video performances that, once put together, create an entire musical ensemble.”

Park’s inspiration is composer Eric Whitacre and his Virtual Choirs, comprised of thousands of videos of students singing.

“I thought it would be a perfect thing to do with the students in the FRC,” writes Park, ” as I know for a fact that many FRC members are musicians. ”

Visit for details on how to get involved and how to submit your contribution to the orchestra.  The deadline for submissions is October 26th.

Add your instrumental talent to Joon Park’s dream.  Become  part of the  FRC Virtual Orchestra, and show the world how awesome FIRST students are technically AND artistically!

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