FTC Update for October 18, 2012

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  1. Rookie season survey
  2. Ask an Expert Call Schedule Posted
  3. IMPORTANT: Event registration notice
  4. 20122013 Scholarship Information
  5. FTC Forum Game Q&A Answered Question Documents available

1.    FTC would like to survey all mentors on their experience as the leader of a new FTC team.  Please take five minutes and take the survey.  Your answers will guide us in developing resources to help new teams get a running start in FTC.


2.    All Ask an Expert calls are now scheduled.  Check out the Ask an Expert page for full details, here’s a list of what you can expect:

  • Samantha Module Basics (10/18)
  • Software Basics (10/23)
  • Team Strategy at Events (11/01)
  • Transitioning from FLL to FTC (11/08)

Recordings of past calls are also available on the Ask an Expert page.

3.    Teams need to plan out which events they will attend and register as early as possible, as space is limited.  Also, event fees vary and are used to cover the cost of events.  Teams should check with their local affiliate partner for more details on events.  Use these links to find your local Affiliate Partner and local Events:

4.       2013 FIRST Scholarship Opportunities for FTC students valued at over $11 million:   Find out more about the 2013 college scholarship opportunities for FIRST students at the FIRST Scholarship page.

5.       The FTC Forum Game Q&A Answered Questions documents are now available on the Game Page.  These documents contain all the answers to the questions posed to the FTC Forum Game section.  It is important for each team to review these occasionally and to bring a copy to their tournaments, as they clarify points from the Game Manuals.

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