FTC Update: Samantha Module,RobotC online course, Ask an Expert Calls, Scholarships and More!

1.       Important note on the Samantha Module
2.       Free ROBOTC online course now available
3.       Ask an Expert Call recordings available
4.       FIRST Future Innovator Award portal now open
5.       November Scholarship Information
6.       FTC Forum Game Q&A Answered Questions Document available

1.       Every team must have a Samantha Module in order to compete.  These are available through the LEGO Education FTC store, which is accessible through your TIMS account.
The Samantha Module is what allows your robot to connect wirelessly to the field control system used at FTC Tournaments.  Without a Samantha Module, you will not be able to compete. 
2.       The Robotics Academy and ROBOTC are proud to announce free training for Coaches and Mentors with ROBOTC for LEGO MINDSTORMS and TETRIX. This training will be offered through CS2N.org and will teach Coaches and Mentors how to run a successful competition robot using programming. Once Coaches and Mentors complete the course, they will be able to take a ROBOTC for LEGO/TETRIX Programming Certification exam. Teachers, Coaches and Mentors who pass the exam will be able to use the new “Groups” functionality on CS2N to monitor the progress of the students in their teams and classes as they work through the materials.

In addition, all participants who take the training exam will be able to download a free license to use Robot Virtual Worlds until the end of the calendar year. The new Robot Virtual Worlds will allow you to practice your robot programming when away from your robot.
Courses are offered through the Robotics Academy’s Computer Science Student Network (CS2N). Visit the course today!
Scroll to the bottom of this page for more details

3.       If you’re a rookie team in need of some guidance this season, check out the Ask an Expert page.  This page is the home of a number of useful recorded trainings, hosted by FTC experts.  The trainings cover a variety of topics, including Event Strategy, Programming, the Samantha Module and more.

4.       The FIRST Future Innovator Award* portal is now live.  This award recognizes creativity in effectively solving a real-world, complex problem through the invention of a unique solution beyond the requirements of the FIRST competition season.

For more information and submission information, visit the 
FFIA award page.  
*This award is presented at FIRST World Championship.
5.        2013 FIRST Scholarship Opportunities for FTC students valued at over $11 million:   Find out more about the 2013 college scholarship opportunities for FIRST students at the FIRST Scholarship page.

6.       The FTC Forum Game Q&A Answered Questions documents are now available on the Game Page.  These documents contain all the answers to the questions posed to the FTC Forum Game section. 
It is important for each team to review these occasionally and to bring a copy to their tournaments, as they clarify points from the Game Manuals.
These documents are available in PDF, Nook and Kindle formats.

ROBOTC Course Sign-up information:
CS2N Groups for FTC Training: http://www.cs2n.org/u/groups/53
CS2N LEARN Content Page: http://learn.cs2n.org/course/view.php?id=60
CS2N LEARN Discussion Page: http://learn.cs2n.org/mod/forum/view.php?id=3436

If you haven’t signed up for the course yet, here are the instructions.
1.    Go here and create a username and password:
·         http://www.cs2n.org/signup 
(You will be sent an email confirming your registration.)
·         CHECK YOUR EMAIL for the activation link to click!
·         If you “Connect” through Facebook, you can go to your account page to find and/or change your username: https://www.cs2n.org/account
2.    Join the CS2N group for the Class:
·         Log into www.cs2n.org
·         Click on “My Home” if you are not already there
·         Choose the “Groups” tab
·         Enter the following Group Code – d9ff3a30
·         You are now successfully enrolled in the group’s class
3.    Select the group to see your course content and to track your course progress.
Timm Huffman
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