FTC Team Blast – November 21, 2012

1.       Important: Reminder on programming requirements

2.       FTC Forum Game Q&A answers

3.       Game Manual Update: Bill of Materials required at competition

4.       Seeking Russian-speaking coach/mentor for translation project

5.       Vote for Dean Kamen’s water purification project


1.    Did you know that in order to pass software inspection at an FTC event, your code must be written using the FTC Templates? 

Learn more about templates and programming by reading the latest FTC Blog Post 
Cracking the code.
2.       When using the FTC Forum Game Q&A, be sure to review the questions that have already been answered before posting a new question.  Questions that have already been answered will not be answered a second time.
3.    Game Manual Part 1 Update: A Bill of Materials is now Required for all non-TETRIX/LEGO/MATRIX components used on a robot.

Find the Game Manual Part 1 on the 
FTC Game Page.  A BOM Excel template is available here.
4.    FTC is seeking a Russian-speaking FTC Mentor/Coach to aid our Russian Affiliate Partners in translating manuals and documentation.

If you would like to volunteer, please e-mail 
ftcteams@usfirst.org with the subject “Translation Help”.
5.    Vote for Dean Kamen’s water purification device the Slingshot.  Learn how it can help in third world countries by visiting http://www.usfirst.org/aboutus/focus-foward-films-competition.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Ken, JoAnn, Nancy, Mary, Lorrie, Timm and Tom
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