MITRE Corporation Sponsored FRC Software Training

Andrew Schreiber , an engineer at the MITRE Corporation and a mentor for FRC Team 79, would like to extend an invitation to a series of software training courses that will be held at the MITRE site in Tampa (4830 West Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 790. Tampa, FL 33609) from 6pm to 9pm on 11-29, 12-3, 12-6, 12-10, and 12-13.

This course will focus on teaching students the basic concepts of programming and then move on to some basic syntax of C++ and concepts central to mobile robotics. Topics covered will include: C++ Syntax, Code Compilation, WPILib, Windriver IDE, the FRC Control System, Software Configuration Management, basic I/O, testing and debugging, feedback systems and state machines. These lessons will be hands on and include programming of a small mobile robot.

If any teams in the area are interested in having students attend have them contact Andrew at with a list of students by Tuesday, November 27. Also, if any of them hold a non-US Citizenship please let Andrew know, for the purposes of record keeping due to the site where the training is being held.

While mentors are welcome, due to space being extremely limited (only about 20 spots available) it is requested that teams focus on sending students who are interested in programming.  If there is enough interest training will be recorded and eventually posted online. The training materials will also be available online. If  there is enough interest additional classes may be considered.

Please contact Mr. Schreiber at with any questions.

– Andrew Schreiber
Engineer – MITRE Corporation
Mentor – FRC79/FTC5210

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