Welcome New FLL Partners in NW FL and South FL!

We’re happy to introduce here the last of our five Florida FIRST LEGO League Affiliate Partners, Beth Hanning of the Doolittle Institute, for Northwest Florida, and Gloria Gibson, with Florida Atlantic University, for South Florida. Read on to learn more about our new partners and their gifts of expertise and passion, and join us in welcoming them to FIRST in Florida!

FIRST LEGO League in Northwest Florida



The Doolittle Institute (DI) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization incorporated in 2012 that is located just outside the gates of Eglin Air Force Base in Niceville.  With the approval of the Doolittle Family, the Doolittle Institute is working to create an innovative environment for bringing together the best minds of industry, academia, and government to collaborate and find solutions to the toughest science and technology challenges while championing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education for all levels of society.  STEM outreach is an important DI mission.  Working with regional educational entities, DI exposes young students to high-caliber STEM learning opportunities through their Innovative Dimensions Laboratory (IDL).  The IDL is a partnership program located at the Okaloosa County School District’s “STEMM Center” and is working to augment the STEMM Academy’s middle school curriculum with programs in 3D Modeling and Printing, Microsoft Flight Simulation Lab and UAVs.

Beth Hanning, Director of STEM Education Outreach at the Doolittle Institute, will serve as FLL Partner for the new region.   Beth brings experience to the FLL Partner position, as she has served as an FLL coach, robotics instructor, and tournament director.  Beth and the Doolittle Institute will bring new energy, commitment, and leadership to the FLLFlorida – Northwest Region.  You can contact Ms. Hanning at beth.hanning@doolittleinstitute.org .

FIRST LEGO League in South Florida

Gloria Gibson

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) will serve as the FLL Affiliate Partner for the Florida – South Region.  Under the direction of the College of Education and assistant dean, Joel D. Herbst, Ed.D., the FIRST LEGO League program joins a progressive suite of cutting-edge, STEM-focused and innovative educational programming at Florida Atlantic University. The A.D. Henderson University School is a public elementary-middle school (K-8) operated under the auspices of the State University System and holds departmental status in the College of Education at FAU.

The school has a three-fold mission of (1) being a demonstration site for teacher education; (2) developing curricula; (3) conducting research. As a demonstration site, the school is a partner in the teacher education process of the College of Education, providing an ideal setting for the observation of current instructional styles and strategies. Additionally, the college operates FAU High School, a competitive admissions, dual-enrollment high school on the campus of FAU. Under this stringent curriculum, students can earn three or more years’ worth of college credit upon high school graduation.

FAU, in collaboration with the non-profit organization STEM HQ, offers robotics summer camps and competition opportunities for youth, including SeaPerch, an underwater robotics program; Drone Competitions, an FAU developed and managed program; and FIRST, FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST Robotics Competition teams. For FAU, taking on the FIRST LEGO League Affiliate Partnership for all of South Florida was the logical next step for this progressive and innovative university.

Gloria Gibson will serve as FIRST LEGO League Partner for the new region. Gloria brings experience to the FLL Partner position, as she has served as a FIRST LEGO League coach, robotics instructor, and tournament director. Gloria and the Florida Atlantic University will bring new energy, commitment, and leadership to the FLL Florida – South Region. You can contact her at gloriafllrobotics@gmail.com.

Please join us in welcoming our new Florida FIRST LEGO League Partners!

You can find all of our FLL contacts on our our Jr. FLL/FLL Page.

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