2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Reveal: FIRST Stronghold!

first-strongholdThe 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition challenge was revealed Saturday, January 9th, to teams worldwide.  The medieval themed game, FIRST Stronghold,  will be played by 3,000 teams – 75,000 students-  in grades 9-12, participating in 118 Regional and District events.


Tampa Bay teams at SOFWERX-SOCOM facility kick off in Ybor City.

Hundreds of Florida FRC team members attended live kick offs statewide, from Jacksonville to Miami, from Tampa to Orlando, hearing from the professional community ranging from SOCOM to school district leaders and more!

Orlando Kick off

Central Florida teams at Exploding Bacon’s Kick Off in Apopka

Teams will have just six weeks to build a competition ready robot!  Watch our social media and the Orlando Regional and South Florida Regional websites to follow along with the build season.

Go Teams!

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